Authentic Sicilian & Italian Street Foods

About Us



This is Nonnina, Benedetta Vitale.  Sicily Street would absolutely not exist without the many inspirations and influences of Nonnina.  Astor cannot prepare a bowl of pasta without thinking about Nonnina, and wondering if she would approve.  Through her many recipes, memories of her cooking, and sitting at her table, Nonnina's hand is in ALL of what is created at

Sicily Street. Astor has memories of Nonnina making Arancini, a tradition his Zia Patrizia has continued. Today, using Nonnina's recipes, many holidays are spent making Arancini with Zia Patrizia.

In the early 80s in Louisiana,  Nonnina would prepare her Arancini for a kiosk business Astor's parents had in the Acadiana Mall serving everything from Boudin to Nonnina's Arancini.  It very well might be safe to say that Nonina was the first to make Arancini for sale in the United States. 

Grazie Nonnina, TVB.

Family Support


Sicily Street was founded on the love of quality Sicilian and Italian street foods enjoyed Astor's family for generations.  Astor's Dad, Astor Sr, who was taken too early by cancer, enjoyed visiting Sicily. He didn't visit just for the people but, also for the food.  With family, he enjoyed Arancini on the streets of Catania, wood fired pizza on the beach in Fondachello, and le Siciliane pizza in Zafferana on Mount Etna.  

Because of Dad's love of Sicily, the Sicilian culture, the people, the food, and the sacrifices he made to insure his children visited and knew their heritage, Sicily Street is dedicated to his memory.  Dad would love Sicily Street, the food, the business, and the people it attracts. Because of this, Sicily Street is dedicated to his memory.

Culture and Food


The Sicilian Street foods are as much a part of the culture as the culture is part of the food.  There is a rich story behind every Sicilian and Italian street food.  We hope to take you, our amici, on a journey of cultures through the foods we share. The traditional recipes are authentic Sicilian recipes passed down generation to generation.  Sicily Street is truly a taste of Sicily.

To say Astor loves Sicily and Sicilian food, especially Arancini, is an understatement.  Astor grew up eating Arancini, as an adult Astor would search the US for his Arancini fix but was often left unsatisfied, after being wed by Padre Diego in Giarre Sicily, wedding guests were offered something unheard of at a wedding in Italy, ARANCINI!!  

Nonnina said, "Arancini a un matrimonio? Nessuno li fa."